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[05 Sep 2009|12:31pm]

debut vs. love drunk

comments, thoughts, opinions, criticisms?
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[06 Jun 2008|08:23am]

it's officially been two years since we started this fruit salad. :]

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[15 Dec 2007|09:06pm]

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www.boyslikegirlsau.eamped.com [24 Nov 2007|10:55pm]



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[04 May 2007|09:59pm]


please & thankees!

we need a reunion asap.

please & thankees!


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myspace bulletin [03 Jan 2007|07:56am]

So, i was going to do this on New Years Eve, and then i thought to myself..you know what...this message would just get lost with every other bands new years eve thing that they do...sooooo....i thought well JAN 2nd is like the real deal, because everyone gets back to bussiness...Jan 1rst is tech. the new year but no one really starts the new year...maybe you are following me, maybe not and honestly if your not its cool just keep reading..... point is Martin, Paul, Bryan and I (John incase you forgot because you were looking at Pauls name and then checking his myspace wishing you were hanging out with him) would like to wish you all an amazing 2007 and when we say amazing we mean amazing! Thank you to everyone this past year that has came out to the shows, met us, sang along, tried to sing along, wore a t-shirt, or hoodie, baked us a cake, cupcake, cookie, brownie, peanut butter and jelly w/ and apple and capri sun, came up with a fanclub, or sometype of FRUITSALAD, made new freinds and traveled with us, didnt write on our dusty trailor(LENNY!), wrote on our dusty trailor, was patient with us, hugged us, loved us as much as we love each and everyone of you that bought the cd or showed a freind, didnt buy a cd but will in the near future, waited in line, bought tickets early, bought tickets late, took a picture with us, thought we were in another band, thought we were a roadie(yes it happened to me like 10 times..........a night), are seeing us again for the 2nd time, 3rd time 4th time and so on...got a tattoo, made a myspace for an article of clothing, demanded a shout out, made a scrap book, made us a present, bought us a present, did a myspace photoshoot, wished us a merry christmas and happy new year and so on and so on and so on.......and well theres a million other things that you did too and we are so greatfull because this has been a total rollercoaster for us and we cant wait to see what this year will bring....THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR 2006!!!

stay tuned for more tours, new merch, crazier shows, videos...ect...its going to be a big year!!!


holllllllerrrrrrrrrrrr! the only thing that's incorrect here is that we're not a fanclub, we're family! :)
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[21 Dec 2006|07:38pm]

ch-ch-check it out

...Collapse )
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[19 Dec 2006|05:39pm]

12/26 around 7 or 8 p.m. (EST)
hope you can make it. :)
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please help me [03 Dec 2006|10:01am]

on the 28th, i might be in NYC, visiting with family
and its going to suck
i was wonering if anyones going to the levittown show
and well, if youd want to drop me off in the city on the 29th (id take the bus to boston on the 28th)
if so,
ill love you a looooot
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taylor showed me this! [02 Dec 2006|10:49pm]

Have you seen any fan sites?

There’s a Myspace for my sweater! It’s hilarious. We’ve seen a couple fansites, Myspaces, and Myspace groups. It’s so cool when kids spread the word. There is this thing called the BLG Fruit Salad. These kids assigned themselves fruits. See, I really try to message back on my personal Myspace as many kids as I can. I try to read everything and be as accessible as possible because we love the kids and want them to know that we want to be friends with them too. So I got a Myspace message and it was like, what kind of fruit do you want to be? Haha, I don’t know what fruit I want to be! I’m like, all right, I’ll be a mango. Two weeks later there was this huge site of all these kids that come to a ton of shows in New England and drive really far. They have this profile of why they like to be this fruit. And then there is us four - Brian’s a banana and I’m a mango. I forget what John and Paul are. But it’s really funny. And it means a lot to us because a lot of those kids met through going to our shows. And now they’ll come to five shows in a row and stay together in a hotel and become best friends. My dad was a total hippie and he met a lot of his friends through music in the 60’s. It means a lot to us when kids connect through our music and find friends through our shows. When you see two kids that you saw separately together hanging out and singing along, it’s the best feeling.


woo! So basically we rule.
Can't wait to see some of you soooooon <3
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blg chatroom? [29 Nov 2006|10:42pm]

lets get it started again during winterbreak!
i miss it a lot.
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last day (xposted) [25 Nov 2006|12:46pm]

alright guys, it's tay yet again andddddd this is the last day you can sign up for secret santa. the following people are doing it and have given me their information

-me (taylor)

that makes a grand total of 9 people. however i would really love an even number of people, SO! either one more (at least one more if not 3 more people) person signs up or i'm dropping out and will just do the sorting myself!

let me know! just reply to this with your email address if you aren't on the list and are in the salad (or are a cool exception)

thanksss <3
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secret santa! [10 Nov 2006|09:26pm]

hey guys! it's tay. i got this great idea a few months ago: blg fruit salad secret santa! here's how to enter and what's going to happen

to participate:
-just reply to this comment saying you're in and then list your email address. i will then email you asking for your screen name, name, size shirt you wear (just in case someone wants to get you a shirt!) and mailing address (for your person to send you the present)
it's totally safe, no one in the salad is a psychotic killer. (i think/hope...)

how it'll go down:
-deadline for this is the 25th of november. by then i need an even number of people to sign up so it won't get messy. (the guys in blg are excluded from this since they're on tour and stuff, you know)

-by the 26th you will be IMed (or emailed if you aren't online at the time) by my friend (completely trustworthy. i'll be handwriting down the addresses and stuff, and this kid isn't going to be stalking anyone anytime soon.) who will give you the name and address of the person you have.

in case you're wondering, this is how we'll assign who gets who:
-all the addresses/names will be on slips of paper in a hat (or bowl, or something) (i will not be present when this happens but i will be alerted if things go well or whatever, so i don't know who has who since i'm planning on doing this too.) and my friend will have a list of everyones names with a blank spot next to them. so ok lets say they wrote kimi's name down on the list first. they would pick from the hat (without looking) a name, and then write it down next to kimi's name, then remove that person from the hat. so let's say they're picking for kimi and get my name. kimi would be getting me a present. simple, no? again, you'll be emailed who you have and their address.

price limit and due date:
-the most you can spend is 20 dollars. it can be homemade, too!
-things should be mailed out, i would say, a week or a week and a half before christmas to make sure it gets there on time!

to the jewish community of the salad:
-i'm sorry, pretend you're not jewish for a sec :]

extra special add ons:
-don't open your present until christmas!!
-there will be a chat room named "BLGfruitsalad" (without the quotes) on december 26th (you know, day after xmas) at 5pm. i will probably still be hung over, but everyone should come to tell everyone else who you had and how you like your present and stuff. (the person you have will know it's you when they get the present because of the return address, but if you really want to keep them guessing write your address but not your name :] and just write your name in a card inside, or just wait till the chat!
-no telling anyone who you have! and please, more than just a last minute card on the back of a reciept you got from mcdonalds! haha i got one of those once...

have fun with it guys! and remember, you have until the 25th to join this!
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[24 Oct 2006|09:05am]

short but sweet reunion on
monday october 30
@ 6:30 p.m. (EST.)

hope you can make it :)
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[18 Sep 2006|07:21pm]

i'm sorry but...

i need a fruit reunion RIGHT NOW!
i miss you guys too much.

blg show on friday.
i'm excited but i wish
you guys were coming with me.
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yaaay [29 Aug 2006|03:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

i think everyone (or at least i hope so) can agree with me on that the fruit salad has made me very VERY happy :D :D :D very very happy indeed. i feel like we've all known each other a lot longer than we actually have...it's odd but maybe i'm not the only one on that. like, when kimi went away to college, i was really really sad even though i knew she would come back online and also  haven't even met her yet! crazy, but yeah i was very very sad and it's odd but i guess we're just so much like a family that thats normal? hm not sure but i've met and talked to so many great people. our salad has gotten a bit big....i don't know a third of the people in it...but our chat rooms (and our late late nights in them waiting for martin to show his face) are so much fun and make me really really happy. you guys have been the hiighlight of my summer, you're all unlike any other (time to stop.) haha, love you guys.

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[28 Aug 2006|09:09am]


does this community really need an introduction?

the fruit salad has taken over the internet. we spam it every day with blg promotions, chat on AIM late at night, obsess/stalk, and many other good deeds. it all started back in june, and you can find all of our information on our website. www.freewebs.com/blgfruitsalad contrary to popular belief, we are not a cult. just so we're clear! that's about it so go ahead & start posting in hurr.

don't want to have to make this members only so be respectful puhlease.

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